Plans for making and constructing an Aluminium or a Mild Steel hub.

As I said in the previous page, this should only be attempted if you have access (or someone you know) and the appropriate material, as a large block will be needed. Aluminium hubs have a few advantages, they are: (i) Lighter,  (ii) Easier to Turn on a Lathe, (iii) Rust Free.

However Mild Steel hubs will last forever and are invariably, but they may rust if not taken care of. Remember this Kart will be able to be driven both on and off road.

However it all depends on which you can get cheaper (in my opinion). Either will do. These hubs are designed for small 19" trailer/caravan wheels, Not car wheels, which would be useless anyways. Motor bike wheels are not an option. They are too big for a gokart, however I hope to have free plans for a  three wheeled Kart using the whole front end of a motorbike. E-mail me if you have any questions. For making hubs for the front wheels, consult the "stub axles/kingpin" page next on the main list of free plans page.















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