ReadMe for Downloading Kart Plans

Welcome to this Free Kart Plans Section,

    the plans on the Internet here are free. However the quality of these plans is severely less than that of the program on which they were drawn out. If anyone has "Autosketch V.5" you can e-mail me and I will send you all the files, documents and all, and then you can print them out of Autosketch. The plans you see here are scanned printouts of the plans done out on autosketch, with  shadow and darkness to make them legible. 

If you have access to the drawing program called 'AutoCAD' then you can download the individual drawings of the main parts/ details of this kart directly from this website. The list of the details/ parts of this kart can be found below. 

The files are in alphabetical order, so just go through them all and print them out.

Listing of all Necessary Plans for this Advanced Kart.

 Or you can download this one Zipped file containing all the Drawings HERE::- around .5 megs.

Please note that there are a few pictures scanned from a book eg. Brake Hub. which are not in the above. All the drawings/ diagrams that I drew out myself with the measurements are contained in the above files.

Any special requests of these .jpgs or any other drawing file Format eg. .DXF or .SKF just e-mail me.

E-mail me if you have any questions, or suggestions.

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