110cc Offroad Kart

The main technical information is: - Chassis frame TIG welded, material 22 x 2 mm mild steel tube (bending of this was just about possible with the equipment I had). Because of the small pipe size the frame is made with double "layers", to make it strong enough.

- 110 cc Sky Team engine, 4 stroke (a Chinese copy of the legendary Honda Monkey / Dax engine). I bought the motor as new.

- Approx. 8 hp at 8500 rpm

- 4 gears, centrifugal clutch

- Stainless steel exhaust pipe with a hand-made silencer. Stainless is easy for me to obtain because I have work in the food industry.

- Disc brake of a Chinese Monkey

- 12 V electric system with a starter motor

I built the fittings of both rear wheel hubs, brake disc hub and gear hub by using tapered fittings. These are wery handy, since the position of the components on the rear axle can easily be altered to suit. I was lucky enough to get all the necessary machining from the company I work for. The wheels are also Chinese manufacture and this was seen clearly when taking a closer look of the bearings. I had to replace these with proper bearing hubs machined from aluminium.

The seat and steering wheel are from a race kart.
Because I built the kart for my 10 and 8 years old kids (at least this is what I told my wife :-)) I made the fitting of the seat adjustable. A nice feature already built in the gearbox was also the gear indicator; there is a rotating connector in the gearbox that makes it possible to indicate the chosen gear with some lights. I made these by putting a small display with super-bright LEDs on the steering wheel.

So, with the cheap engine and the very detailed information from your website, I was able to make a vehicle that is really fun. It is also quite safe, because it is almost impossible to flip it over, and the speed can be controlled with gears. The automatic clutch was quite essential, and this was why I waited the engine from China some 3 months! The same motor could have been obtained with manual clutch much easier.

A fine example of an Offroad kart. Thank you Petri Luotonen for the photos.