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The Assembled Racing Kart in eDrawing format.

Using eDrawings from Solidworks, any part of this racing kart can be interactively measured using the appropriate plug-in within an internet browser. Any part/ component of this racing kart can be zoomed in, rotated in 3d and dimensioned.
An executable (*.exe) eDrawing file can also be downloaded containing this assembled racing kart and can be run locally on a computer.

It is recommended to install the eDrawing plug-in for Internet Explorer (7mb) from the above link or the HTML eDrawing link below, due to the quantity and frequency of plans and details contained within this eDrawing format.

If there are any problems such as "Error reading file", ALL open internet browser windows will have to be closed and the eDrawing reopened. If these errors persist, download the complete executable eDrawing of this Racing Kart.

Using eDrawings:
When measuring the pointer changes to . When the pointer detects a potential measurement starting point, that starting point is highlighted. Points are highlighted with the image, edges and the borders of faces are highlighted with thick, solid lines, while holes are highlighted with the image. It will be required to zoom in, in order to find the correct points from which to measure between. As eDrawings is so accurate and precise, measurements with several decimal places are best 'rounded off' to the nearest whole measurement.

The eDrawing interface is self explanatory and is relatively easy to figure out and follow. It will take a few minutes to figure out all the available features contained within eDrawings.

eDrawing of this Assembled Racing Kart:

Option (a): Executable (*.exe) download of the eDrawing for this assembled Racing Kart (2.5 mb) No extra program/ plug-in required.

Option (b): HTML eDrawing. (Plug-in will need to be installed firstly {7 mb}, actual eDrawing: 2.5mb)

Stephen Burke