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A DIY Kart - using an Old (donor) Kart & setup, modifying it.


"Did you modify/ make/ remake the chassis from an old kart? The steering setup is different - and also easier to get the front wheels turing right/ left. Where did you get the parts/ plans/ pieces for the steering setup. The "kingpin" looks as if is a special shape - i.e. bent a little. Kingpin= vertical piece of bar/ tubing that the stub axle of the front wheels is attached to."

"i didn't make the chassis its the original. the steering is different because i had to remake it because that suspension setup was broken and not worth fixing, i didn't get any plans for it i just looked at what i had to use and thought about it for a while and disided to do it the easiest way possible, the king pings were on the other setup so i reused them because they were still good, i don't now why there bent its just the way they were made i guess."