"Our Gokart started as an idea, some free plans from www.mkx.com and a free 5hp engine. The engine needed a coil, so I traded it in exchange for some work on my Jeep. After drawing the MKX plans out on the floor of the shop with chalk, we decided that this was a kart for little kids, and not my 6'2, 215lb carcass. We extended the frame a little bit and widened it slightly.

**  We also made a change to the rear axle, changing it from a 'spindle' type; one wheel drive, to a 'live' rear axle, driving both wheels. The 'live' axle spins both tires at the same time, and due to basic automotive geometry and principals, the inside tire will tend to 'skid' when making a turn. This skidding effect matched with the wide lawn tractor tires creates an enormous amount of friction. 5hp wasn't going to cut it anymore. **

Coincidentally, the track on my snowmobile had given up the ghost at the same time, so its 30hp, 2-stroke engine got put in the design. Some parts of our kart were not built by us. Why re-invent the wheel? These items are mainly in the steering components of our chassis. The steering shaft as well as the upper and lower supports were salvaged from a 1969 Skidoo Olympique. The steering spindles and 'knuckles' were swiped from an old ride-on garden tractor, as were all four wheels. The Frame of our kart is extra 1" natural gas line welded together to form a crude 2-rung "ladder". The frame was then joined at the rear by another cross member, and also at the front by a full length cross member.

** The steering 'knuckles' are welded to the front cross member using a special welding technique used for welding cast iron, and '7018' welding rod. **"


Download a Video of Scotty doing a "Donut" in this kart (4mb QuickTime)!

Here are the Photos of Scottys Off-Road Kart for the moment. Hopefully I will get a chance to add in some information to go with these photos.

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