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This kart is very simple to build, and the detailed plans don't have to be adhered to strictly as there is plenty of scope for individual flair and ideas when it come to the making and building of this kart. The first link on this page gives a general picture/ plan of the kart complete with the engine and seat. The rest of the links are to detailed parts of this kart such as the steering, brakes and axles. The plans are in some places a bit hard to follow but effort has been put into the writing and explanation of each drawing. 

This Kart is more focused on using a common Lawnmower engine and on driving this simple and basic kart. It has to be pointed out though that this really is a crude enough kart. Steering is through the use of ropes as on a "soap box kart" or any push kart or the use of one's feet to turn the front steering axle. Brakes are very simple and basically taken from any bicycle and adapted to fit the smaller wheels on the kart taken ideally from a child's bicycle or "pram wheels". I cannot say how long one of these karts will last, either under normal running or under punishment and "dogging". 

Also, this Kart is not really that safe. Precautions should be taken when driving this kart, this kart is light enough and with incorrect gearing it may go too fast!, overturn etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Look here for a rough plan of the layout and appearance of this basic wooden kart:

    Plan of Wooden Kart


    The building of this kart is split up into sections and is in order as in the building of the actual kart. 


    Main Chassis/ Frame


    Front Axle


    Rear Axle




Extra Page:

EXTRA PAGE COVERING THE MAKING OF THE CHASSIS. - explains making the chassis and also covers the positioning of the engine and the setting up of the belt and pulley drive using a typical lawnmower engine.



    Engine Mounting and Fitting


    Controls and Levers for brakes accelerator.
    For the Brake linkage and the brake lever see step FOUR "Brakes" above.
    For the accelerator linkage, I would advise, using the throttle lever off a lawnmower and attaching this somewhere on the kart. Seeing as the steering of the kart is with the drivers feet (unless using a piece of rope), only a hand lever can be used for the accelerator/ throttle. Mount the lever off the lawnmower onto the kart. See "Plan of Wooden Kart" at the beginning of this page for placement of the brake and accelerator/ throttle levers. Use the cable and all from the lawnmower:  


    Drive and Linkage

Details and Graphical Assembly Instructions on a similiar wooden kart can be found in:
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