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Welcome to the Complete Kartbuilding Website.
This website is designed and built to be a resource and information library for people wanting to design and construct Karts of all types, from off-road Karts to racing Karts to simple wooden box Karts. There are also completely free Kart plans on this website to assist people in starting out designing and making Karts.
Photo of the Completed Racing Kart as built with these Plans
Thumbnail of Racing Kart Plans
Photo of the Completed Off-Road Kart as built with these Plans
Thumbnail of Off-Road Kart Plans
Photo of the Simple Wooden Go Kart powered with a Lawnmower Engine as built with these Plans Plans for Wooden Push Cart Engine Powered Wooden Kart
Thumbnail of Wooden Kart Plans
Photo of the Completed Highway Street Kart as published in Modern Mechanix
Thumbnail of Highway Street Kart How-to
  • Photo GalleryGallery of Kartbuilding Photos
    Look at various kartbuilding photos showing the drive and engine setups, components and equipment used in different karts. Get inspired!

  • Email List Archive Mailing List and Archive of Kartbuilding Emails
    Read through all emails sent to kartbuilding [at] gmail.com Answers and Solutions to common problems are listed and answered here.

  • blog Kartbuilding Blog
    Regularly updated tips, information and diagrams relating to kart design, kart plans and all aspects of kart building.

  • Kart Engines and Terminology
    Browse through the various suitable Kart engines and take a read of engine and transmission definitions and explanations.
  • Calculate the Speed of your Kart!
    Two methods of calculating the speed of your kart. Contributed by Dale Thomas.
  • Other Peoples' Karts.
    Look at the various other Karts designed and engineered by people who have used and benefited from this resource website.
  • Transmission of Power.
    Find out about the methods of transmitting power from the engine to the rear axle, and how these methods are determined by the type of Kart engine.
  • Photos of previous Off-Road Kart.
    Read and look at the progression of the Off-Road Kart, of which the plans are above, from having a previous water pump engine to having a small 100cc motorbike engine.
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