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Complete Set of Free Racing Kart Plans.

These plans contain information on how to build and construct this racing kart. They contain all the necessary details, including nuts, bolts and washers. Plans can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat which is typically installed on most computers.
Feel free to download and print them off yourself, however please do not redistribute these racing kart plans, but instead feel free to refer and tell people about these plans here on www.kartbuilding.net
Lastly - if there are any details you feel are missing from the Complete Set of Racing Kart plans below, please email me and, and I will endeavour to add them to the set below.

Scope of the Racing Kart Plans

This set of Racing Kart Plans do not cover transmission, drive setup, nor engine or brake selection. These Racing Kart Plans, unlike the Free Off-Road Kart Plans do not cover alternative methods of making the Kart, and assume bearings, bushings, wheels and hubs are purchased from a local engineering Suppliers. Please refer to the other sections on this Kartbuilding website for these extra details on engines, brakes, bearings, drive & transmission, wheels, steering etc.

Breakdown of the Complete Set of Racing Kart Plans

There is a seperate 1 page PDF for each area of the Racing Kart. They are arranged from 1 to 20, in the order you would begin to make the kart, i.e.: No. 20 is the last stage of making the Racing Kart.
These step by step drawings shows the assemblies, sub assemblies and details of over 40 components. Details for each drawing and step will be outlined below, with information on changing parts and components to suit your budget.

1. - Complete Assembly of the Racing Kart

2. - Labelled Overview of the Racing Kart

3. - Chassis

4. - Front Stub Axles and King Pins

5. - Rear Axle Carrier

6. - Rear Axle Complete

7. - Rear Hubs and Wheels

8. - Brake and Sprocket Carriers

9. - Rear Brakes

10. - Front Wheels and Hubs

11. - Steering Track Rods

12. - Front Steering End

13. - Steering Column and Linkage

14. - Steering Column Parts

15. - Engine Cradle

16. - Engine Cradle Support

17. - Seat and Cradle

18. - Pedals
         Modified Clutch Pedal (if required).

19. - Pedals Setup and Positioning

20. - Floor Pan/ Foot Rest/ Base

Other Available Formats of the Racing Kart Plans.

I have made available all formats of this racing kart that I have. If you require a format which is not listed below, please email me, and I will explore the possibility of converting the Racing Kart Plans to your required format.
It is recommend to view the Racing Kart using eDrawings, which is a revolutionary new method in which all the parts of this Racing Kart can be viewed, rotated in 3d, zoomed, and measured! This allows for any distance, part or angle to be measured to give a quick and accurate measurement for use when building this racing kart.
There are many other formats which can be seen below.


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